New Website, New Book!

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You may be wondering why things have been so quiet on the blog lately. It’s not that I’ve given up blogging, rather I’m now writing for and blogging for them. Take a look at my Go Thailand website and see for yourself. The website and the books are meant to be complementary, so there’s a mix of familiar and new information.

Speaking of books, the new Moon Bangkok is now out! The book has some gorgeous photos and plenty of information about traveling in Bangkok.

How Expensive is Bangkok, Part II

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Bangkok on $20 a day? It can be done.

The last post on this topic generated a lot of traffic and since I’d taken the lazy way out and sent you over to Greg’s blog before, I wanted to address it in a little more detail.

Like Greg said, Bangkok can be cheap, but it’s not that cheap. Sorry folks, the days of $2/night guest houses have been over for decades. Head to Bangladesh for that (seriously).

Today 34B = $1.00, 47B = 1 Euro, 55B = 1 GBP

Today 34B = $1.00, 47B = 1 Euro, 55B = 1 GBP

But let’s say you are on a really tight budget, and want to know how cheaply you can visit Bangkok and still enjoy seeing the city. read more »

The Best Snorkeling in Thailand

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Courtesey of Linda True

Ko Hae, photo courtesy of Linda True

Before I moved to Thailand I was never a snorkeler. I didn’t really see the point of looking around under water while you floated on the surface breathing through a tube. Why not just dive? Well, in doing the research for Moon Thailand, I found myself on many a boating trip scouting out islands.  On one trip, the guide plopped a mask on my face and a snorkel in my mouth and dragged me out into the water.

read more »

Thai Airways Offers Free Domestic Flights!

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thai airways free flights

File this under silver linings on the dark cloud that is the global economy — Thai Airways is offering a great travel deal for passengers coming from North America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. read more »

Thai Food – Pad Grapow

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So, you may think you already know Thai food because you’ve been eating it for years. You’ve tried phat Thai, Peneng curry, fried spring rolls, maybe even phat see ew and feel like you’re familiar with the cuisine.

And you do, sort of. For the most part, the Thai food you get at Thai restaurants outside of the country is at least reasonably close to the real stuff. But the good news for travelers heading here is that there are scores of other dishes that rarely make it out of the country.

The fantastic foodie blog Chez Pim has a new post about Pad Grapow, worth checking out if only for the photos!

Pad Grapow is a very common dish here in Thailand (a lunch time staple, really), but one of those things you rarely find abroad. Head to Chez Pim for the eye candy and recipe and then head here to sample the real stuff!